Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

When? Where? What? How? Below we've answered your most popular questions about the femfresh range and caring for your intimate area.

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  • What is intimate skincare?

    When it comes to our skin, we all use different products for different parts of our bodies. Just like shampoo could irritate your face and body lotion may leave your hair feeling less than perfect, using the wrong products on your intimate vulval skin – that protects your vagina – may result in itching or irritation. That's where intimate skincare can help.

    The femfresh range is specifically designed to love your bits to bits. It's a pH-balanced collection with formulas designed to protect your vagina's natural environment, avoid irritation and leave you feeling pHAB!

  • Is femfresh tested by gynaecologists?

    Yes. All femfresh products are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested by experts. They're also hypoallergenic, soap free and alcohol free.


  • Is femfresh suitable for cleaning inside my vagina?

    femfresh intimate washes should never be used to cleanse the inside of your vagina, which is also known as douching.

    Douching is a method of spraying water or specific douche formulas upward inside the vagina to wash and flush out secretions. There is much discussion around vaginal douching amongst health experts and we recommend that you discuss your specific health needs with your doctor.

  • Can I use femfresh on other parts of my body?

    femfresh intimate washes are pH-balanced and specifically designed for use on your intimate skin but they can also be used safely on other external parts of the body.

  • How come there are different washes in the femfresh range? What are they for?

    All our intimate washes are pH-balanced and specifically designed for use on your intimate skin, so you can choose an intimate wash to suit you!

    femfresh intimate washes come in four different formulas so you can choose the perfect care to suit your intimate skin. The intimate washes range includes Daily Intimate Wash with a hint of soothing aloe vera to keep your intimate skin happy all-day long.

    The Ultimate Care range consists of Pure Wash, Soothing Wash and Active Wash. The Pure Wash with lactic acid and caring aloe vera is fragrance free and specially formulated for those with sensitive skin. Our Soothing Wash has a moisturising formula with a probiotic complex, and is enriched with aloe vera and cranberry extracts best known for their healing and hydrating properties. The Active Wash provides all day, feel go

  • How often can I use femfresh intimate washes?

    Each femfresh wash is suitable for everyday use on every part of your body.


  • What are the benefits of using femfresh intimate wipes, rather than toilet tissue or baby wipes?

    Using femfresh intimate wipes can help to maintain a healthy pH-balance, whilst giving you that longer lasting feeling of freshness. The gentle formula, with calendula & soothing aloe extracts, is perfect for a quick refresh when you don't have access to water.

  • When would I use femfresh intimate wipes?

    Whether you've been working out at the gym, dancing at a festival or simply just want a refresh during the day, the gentle pH-balanced formula with calendula & soothing aloe extracts is perfect for busy lifestyles and on the go freshness. They're also ideal for when you're on your period as they fit discreetly in your bag and can quickly and effectively remove blood from on and around your vulval skin.


  • What is the best way to shave my bikini line?

    There are lots of different ways to take care of your bikini line and now, femfresh has developed a new 2in1 Shower and Shave Cream which has been specifically formulated to care for your delicate intimate skin when shaving. The moisturising formula reduces redness, irritation and razor bumps that shaving your bikini area often results in. Enriched with moisturising almond oil and hydrating argan oil, it's so gentle, it can also be used as an intimate wash.

  • How can I care for my bikini line post-shaving?

    femfresh post-shave balm is part of the new product range designed to care for your intimate skin during your shaving routine. This skin loving, pH-balanced cream has been specifically formulated to calm and soothe delicate skin post hair removal, and will leave your intimate skin feeling beautiful, soft and smoother for longer. Enriched with blackcurrant oil to soothe, aloe vera to calm and sweet almond oil to moisturise, the formula can be used daily to minimise ingrown hairs, reduce razor bumps and redness.

  • What makes the femfresh shave range different to other shave products?

    As with all the products in the femfresh range, the shaving collection is pH-balanced and specially formulated to care for and protect your delicate intimate skin. Each product is hypoallergenic, and gynaecologist and dermatologist approved – so gentle they can be used every day.


  • What is ‘MULTIActif freshening complex’, found in femfresh Ultimate Care Active Freshness Deodorant?

    The MULTIActif complex includes ingredients such as Calendula extract and silver ions which are specially designed to give you both immediate and long lasting fresh for up to 12 hours.

  • Why would I use an intimate deodorant?

    Intimate deodorant is specially formulated for use on your delicate intimate skin. A quick spritz around your intimate area or directly on to underwear will give you that long-lasting feeling of freshness. All thanks to our unique MULTIActif freshening complex.

  • When is the best time to use femfresh Freshness Deodorant, and is it for everyday use?

    Our intimate deodorant range is pH-balanced with a gentle formula which can be used every day at any time of the day.

  • Are intimate deodorants safe to use?

    Our intimate deodorant range is pH-balanced and safe to use every day around your external intimate area or directly on to underwear, but should not be used inside the vagina, as this can upset your natural intimate pH-balance.

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