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about femfresh

If you're like us, you've probably got hundreds of lotions and potions locked away in your bathroom cupboards. And maybe even spilling out of them…

Hand creams? Check.
Body lotions? Which one?
Lip Balms? Of course.
Intimate wash? Huh?

Often this very special skin gets overlooked and when it comes to caring for our vulva, we usually grab a bottle of shower gel or a bar of soap. This works, doesn't it? Well, sort of… but not really.

These products do a great job at cleansing your body – which has a pH level of 5.5 – but our vulva? That needs special attention. Because using something that's not specially designed for the unique pH-level of our intimate area (pH-4.5) can strip the skin of its natural defences; causing irritation, odour and other unpleasantness.

That's right, your intimate skin needs love too.

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That's why we put our heads together and did something about it. That something? The first-of-its-kind intimate wash: femfresh.

All our products are specially designed to care for the unique pH of your intimate skin (and are gynaecologically & dermatologically tested!) because some of us prefer to feel a little extra love when it comes to our most intimate of skin.

Join the millions of women who care for down there with femfresh.

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What is pH‑balance?

pH-balance is a measure of how acid or alkali something is. The skin on your body has a pH-level of 5.5. However, the pH-level of intimate skin is closer to 4.5.

If the pH of intimate vulval skin changes (making it less, or more, acidic) it can cause irritation, or – in some cases – cause bacteria and can multiply, resulting in infections such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush.

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