it's just skin
it’s just skin

Your intimate skin is skin too.
It’s just different to the rest of your body.

All femfresh products are specially designed to care for the unique pH level of your delicate vulval skin and keep you feeling fresher for longer.



Add some daily intimate skincare to your shower routine with femfresh daily wash

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On-the-go? Leave your intimate skin feeling pHab wherever, whenever with femfresh 25 soothing and cleansing wipes

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For freshness that lasts all day long, spritz with femfresh intimate deodorant

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Leave your bikini line smoother for longer with the femfresh 2in1 shave cream

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Dr Sara


In the words of Dr Sara our Gynaecologist…

“Using a specialist product is a personal choice, however if you do choose to use more than just water to clean your intimate skin, it’s important to use the right product. femfresh is a specially designed, pH-balanced range which can be used safely on a daily basis. The addition of ingredients such as lactic acid and probiotics across the range also help to maintain your natural pH-balance.”

What is pH‑balance?

Our expert dermatologist, Dr Clare Patterson, gives you the low-down.

pH-balance is a measure of how acid or alkali something is. The skin on your body has a pH-level of 5.5. However, the pH-level of intimate skin is closer to 4.5.

If the pH of intimate vulval skin changes (making it less, or more, acidic) it can cause irritation, or – in some cases – cause bacteria and can multiply, resulting in infections such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush.

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